Lights camera L16 opened up for 3rd Party Apps

Lights L16 front
Lights L16 with its 16 lenses (28, 70 & 150 mm)

The L16 manufacured by Light, with its 16 lenses and an optical focus lenght from 28 to 150 mm, opened its Android operating system for third party apps. Prerequisite is the apk-installer installed on the L16 before further Apps can be installed. (Video tutorial on YouTube)

Main benefit is being able to transfer pictures directly from the camera towards a smartphone or Dropbox.

That wasn’t possible before. The photo files had to be transferred into Lights software Lumen first (on a PC or Mac) and from there to another target like mobile device. From several Apps I tried, PhotoSync does the transfer of selected JPGs without problems. Files in DNG format still have to go via Lumen.

L16 android springboard
My L16 android homescreen with 3rd party apps

Another obvious advantage is, that Apps like Snapseed, Dropbox etc. can also be installed on the L16 which becomes a full blown mobile device itself.

Regardless of what one think about the L16, this was a big step into the right direction at least for me. Despite its initial difficulties, some of them are still there, the L16 accompanies me more often again.